Ghost Hawk

ER COO17612963
Author – Susan Cooper
Age group – 10+
Swearing – Nil

This story tells of when the white man came to the land of Little Hawk and his tribe – America. It begins with the manhood ritual of living on his own in the wild for three moons (months), with nothing but a knife (a white man’s knife given to him by his father), a tomahawk (with a handle formed over many years of two tree branches twisting together) and his clothing.

The remainder of the story tells how more and more white men come to America – taking the Indians land and imposing strict religious laws upon everyone.

Although fiction, this is entwined with truth throughout the story, especially at the end – showing the reader how badly the indigenous Indians were treated in their own country. They had even less rights than the negros and now struggle to keep their culture alive.

(Indians, Friendship, Ghost, Prejudice)


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