Wild Boy

Wild BoyAuthor – Rob Lloyd Jones

Age – 8+

Set in Victorian London, we first meet the main character when he is locked in a room in a workhouse. He is covered in hair from head to foot and growls like an animal. He is sold to a freak show and given the name Wild Boy. This is where we get to know Wild Boy and his true nature. He has been treated badly his entire life and growls due to anger.

One night when Wild Boy fights with the man who bought him, he wants to escape the show. Teaming up with Clarissa (a tough girl acrobat from the attached circus), they pick-pocket a wealthy looking man. But they don’t get money, just a letter warning the man about a machine and that he may be murdered for it.

What is ‘The Machine’? Wild boy is soon caught up in murder, mayhem and a machine that could change his life forever. He uses his skills of observation (honed over the years of being locked in rooms or cages) to unravel clues and signs to an action-packed ending.

An awesome read, the description putting the reader right where the character is in the dark London city streets. The gripping action finale had me flying across the cobbles with them and wishing it could be made into a movie.

(Freak show, Circus, Victorian London, Friendship, Self esteem)


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