Wolf Blood

9683241Author – N M Browne

Age group – 12+

Trista is a Celtic warrior, and a seeress, but has been made a slave by a rival tribe. When she escapes, she meets two Roman soldiers in the forest. One is kind the other not. When a fight erupts, one dies on the fire – leaving Trista alone with Morcant, the soldier who gave her food. She seen discovers Morcant is a shapeshifter, who becomes a wolf at night.

Set in the First Century AD, the story is told in two viewpoints – one of Trista, a warrior girl who has visions of the future, and one of Morcant – as a man, and a wolf. The language of this story draws the reader into a world of swords, spears and shields – and powerful forces that drive them.

(Medieval, Fantasy, Friendship, Shapeshifter)


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