The Door that led to Where


Author – Sally Gardner

Age – 13+

Swearing – Yes

I liked this story about a boy called AJ living in current London. I liked his character from the first page, and although his mother was truly horrible to him, (he called her the red reptile), AJ is a gentle character, loyal to his mates Slim and Leon and with a love of Dickens.
When his mum gives him a letter from a local law firm, offering him a job interview, he is surprised but keen. With help from a neighbour (who has looked after him more than his mother ever has), he is soon working. One day while tidying at the law firm, he discovers a key with a label with his name and date of birth on it.
This key is to change not only his life but those of his friends. It is a key to a door that appears through a strange fog in a particular local car park. The door opens to a hallway in his family home back in 1830.

This story was a good mystery. The time travel component was simple but effective, and the characterisation was great.

(Time travel, Victorian London, Historical, 1830, Mystery, Dickens, Friendship)


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