That Dirty Dog – and other naughty stories for good boys and girls


Author – Christopher Milne
Age group – 7+
Six bite size stories for girls and boys – Aussie bites style. Funny, quirky, sometimes thoughtful.21058662

That dirty dog – saving a stray dog, taking it to the vet and seeing his dad wasn’t so tough
The Boy who played cricket for Aust – tricking his way out onto the pitch to play for his country
The smell from hell – Stinky Adams has farts that can clear a room and put teachers in hospital. But they use him and his smell to get rid of an inspector to the school.
The Brothers who couldn’t stop fighting – Two brothers fight from morning until night and even end up growing up and fighting in a war. But when one is shot, the other ignores his orders to leave him and carries him to safety.
When Robert Clark’s Dad died – A sad funny story about a boy and his mum who go to live with his weird uncle, after his dad dies. The uncle is annoying but helps Robert deal with his sadness by making jokes and poems. When the uncle dies too, Robert is able to make jokes too and does so at the funeral, knowing his uncle will be happy.
The girl who told lies – Jacinta tells lies to get her classmates in trouble, but they get their own back eventually telling her there is a party planned for her at someone’s house. When she arrives to find no one there, she is told the party is somewhere else – but only for ‘non-liars’.

Each of these stories although short have their own merit. A little didactic in places but with enough humour to smooth over it.

(War, Grief, Short Stories, Humour, Animals)


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