When we wake


Author – Karen Healey

Age – 12+

It’s 2027. Tegan Oglietti is at an environmental protest with her friends when she is shot. She wakes up 100 years later in a world of ever rising oceans, a fierce sun, little red meat and the sexual discriminations of the past long gone. After signing over her body to medical science in case of death when she was 16, she was a good case to be cryonically frozen – an experiment to help revive soldiers lost in action. At least that’s what they tell her. Is that really the reason? Wouldn’t there be much more important people to revive?

When We Wake is set in Australia and is a very possible future. Global warming, rising oceans, climate change and other political issues are part of Tegan’s world in 2027 and still 100 years later. This might be set in the future, but Tegan is a believable character, dealing with many issues teens face in our time – friendships, school, relationships and making choices about her own future. A riveting read.

(Future, Environment, Friendship)


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