While the others sleep

TEEN BEC17307016

Author – Tom Becker

Age – 12+

It’s 1897 and Alfie Mandeville is admitted to Scarbrook House – a sanatorium for disturbed children of wealthy families. He hopes he will be cured of the insomnia that has plagued him for months. He soon makes friends – among them siblings Yardley and Catherine who lost their family in a terrible fire. They keep to themselves but Catherine is insistent there is evil in the hospital.

One night when everyone else is asleep Alfie hears the Scrapers Catherine is talking about – their claws scraping along the floorboards, their dark shadows leaning over sleeping boys. She says they are there looking a fiend. Something from hell…..

I didn’t expect the ending at all… Seriousy creepy. Loved it.


(Victorian, Horror, Mystery, Friendship, Family)


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