Will Grayson, Will Grayson


Author – John Green/David Levithan

Age – 14+

Tiny is huge, Will Grayson’s best friend, gay and proud of it.
Will Grayson lives by his rules which are: say nothing, keep his head down – the opposite of his best friend Tiny.
Tiny falls in and out of love constantly, and then by pure chance meets someone who means more to him than the rest of all his failed 5 minute relationships all put together. This boy’s name is also Will Grayson. Very weird for all, but extremely entertaining for the reader.
This story is about teenage relationships – gay – straight – friends – enemies – then not enemies. Although set in the US (Chicago) I believe the language used is pure angst ridden teenager – but it also made me laugh out loud in many places, gasp in others and want to climb into the book and console a bereft character in others.
One of the most amazing reads so far in 2011.

(Gay Relationship, Friendship, School)


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