12395710Author – Deborah Burnside

Age Group – 14+

M&M (Marty Morgan) is worrying about his Mum’s decision. She is going on an O.E – on her own, leaving him with his Dad, who’s never really understood him and how he is.

Marty has problems ‘reading’ people, being organised or understanding what’s going on around him in social situations. His mum is the one who’s always helped him with that. But Marty’s best mate Luke (Legless) also helps him out with this stuff too. When Luke decides they should enter the Youth Enterprise Scheme, Marty goes along with it.

Luke’s plan is to impress a girl he likes, but the result is much more.

I loved the main character in YES. Told in first person, I found Marty very real, and was fascinated in the way he thought about things and dealt with the world around him – right from when he was very small. Fascinating character study.

(Friendship, Romance, Aspergers, Family)


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