Vinni versus Bluebottle

ER – BOB15707478

Author – Gerry Bobsien

Age – 5+

It’s hot. Vinni can’t wait to escape his classroom and get down to the deep rock pools at the beach for a swim. Once he’s cooled off in his favourite pool he spies a bluebottle jellyfish. Vinni avoids it until a huge wave washes in. Terrible pain shoots up Vinni’s leg and he looks down to find the bluebottle wrapped around his ankle. He passes out. When he awakens, he is under the water. He’s tiny and the rock pools he knows so well are now canyons and cliffs. Somehow he has become part of the sea life that live there. A battle between him and the bluebottle begins and only his ingenuity using rubbish left in the pools can save him.

(Sea, Rock pools, Adventure, Courage, Read aloud)


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