Vinnie’s War


Author – David McRobbie

Age – 10+

It’s 1939 and despite his Mum dying of the “double d’s – Drink and Depression” and his foster mother ‘AuntVera’ threatening to return him to Welfare, Vinnie Cartwright was a likeable lad. When he finds lodgings at the local pub and meets a young Jewish evacuee, his life improves. Isaac is a talented pianist and teaches Vinnie to play. Vinnie is happy with his new friend and ‘family’ until the roar of the first bombs hit London – the pub – and everyone he has grown to love.

He becomes an evacuee – put on a train and sent to a small country town called Netterfold. He makes new friends and through his billet (a retired concert pianist) begins his lessons again – all the while wondering when his good luck will come to an end again.

Based on the authors experiences of being an evacuee in 1939 – this book has a section at the end going into more detail.

(War, Foster, Evacuee, 1939, Music)


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