We were Liars


Author – E Lockhart

Age – 14+

Cady (Cadence) Sinclair loves going to Beechwood Island for the summer and meeting up with her aunts and cousins. Gat, the nephew of her aunt’s partner has also joined them since they were eight. This island belongs to her grandparents and has been in the Sinclair family for many generations. There are four mansions built on the island. One for each of the daughters and one larger one called Clairmont for the grandparents. The Sinclair family is wealthy, beautiful, blonde and happy. (Or so it seems), Cady is the eldest grandchild of the Sinclair family and is an “heiress to the island, the fortune and the family expectations.”

The cousins do everything together over each summer holidays and when they are fourteen Gat and Cady’s relationship changes into something more.

The year of her fifteenth summer something happens. Cady can’t remember. But it’s left her with terrible migraines and gaps from that summer. And when she finally returns, things are different. When she realises why, she wishes she still can’t remember….

(Secret, Family, Love, Lies, Inheritance, Wealth, Arson)


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