When our Jack went to war

TEEN MCK17879447

Author – Sandy Mckay

Age – 12+

Tom, his mum and little sister Amy are proud but worried when their older brother and son has to go off to war. They have already lost their husband and father, leaving mum depressed and prone to staring out the window for hours on end.
They’d be lost with Mum’s friend Mrs J from around the corner – who comes in and sorts out the house and gets mum moving again.
Letters begin between 13 yr old Tom and Jack away at Trentham training camp. The letters are light hearted to begin with, giving the reader an insight into 1916 New Zealand childhoods through Tom’s letters, and life as a trainee soldier from Jack.

Interspersed with advertisements and newspaper clippings from the time, When our Jack went to War is a fictional but realistic story of NZ’s involvement in the WW1 in 1916. Many families would’ve followed the same journey Jack’s family did.

(War, Siblings, Brothers, Letters, 1916, WWI, Grief, Family)


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