When the Cat’s Away

TEEN RUT11075599

Author – Jackie Rutherford

Age 12+

From a local (Havelock North) author, this is something different for teen readers. It’s light-hearted, funny and something we can all relate to – as a child or a parent.
18 yr old Jodi, 15 yr old Nathan and 14 yr old Bianca have been left home alone for a month. Their parents believe Aunty Jean is looking after them. Aunty Jean thinks the neighbour is looking after them. But when those plans fall through the siblings decide not to tell anyone. Especially after a party goes horribly wrong and they are left with the chaos.
The next month is spent getting jobs to get the money to repair the damage – before their parents come home and ground them until they are 100.
To their surprise, working together isn’t impossible and they get to know each other again – and achieve their goal together – only just.

Laugh out loud moments and refreshing to read something fun and light for older readers.

(Humour, Siblings, Family, First Love)


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