Author – David Metzenthen

Age – 13+

I loved this book. It didn’t move along at a ripping pace, but drew me in slowly and completely. The writing was fabulous, and I re-read passages constantly to savour them. Tigerfish has an undercurrent of unease. Just as the characters have around a particular guy at school who was like a walking time-bomb, or when walking at night past dark paddocks where a body was found a year or so before.

This is a story about families, what can happen to them, through no-one’s fault and how they cope and carry on with their lives. They live in a tough area, learning when to look someone in the eye, or not, where is safe at night, or not and how to walk away from a confrontation… or not.

(Friendship, Family, Realism, Grief, School, Love, Violence)


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