Time Thieves

ER CAR16066965

Author – Charlie Carter

Age – 8+

From the author of the 16 book ‘Battle Boy’ series, ‘Time Thieves’ is set in the future around a group of early teens called Omega Squad. This squad is only one of many teams called Time Troopers, working in the dangerous world of Time and Energy capture.
They wear high tech skin suits, and travel through Mists of Time to collect data for a top secret research program called Operation Battle Book. Highly trained, their missions usually go to plan, but not lately. But why? Who is hacking into the program and why?

Great for year 5’s up to reluctant year 9 boys. Dealing with teamwork, consideration of others, bravery and a mystery all rolled into one.

(Time Travel, Teamwork, Courage, Friendship)


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