Toby Alone


Author – Timothee de Fombell

Age – 12+

Toby Lolness is 1.5mm tall and lives in an oak tree. His father is a great scientist but refuses to tell the Great Tree Council how his new energy making invention works, in fear of the tree they live in being exploited.

Their family is banished to the Lower Branches, where it is much colder (away from the sun) and there aren’t many of their kind. But he makes a new friend – Elisha. When they are invited back up the tree, they refuse to give the energy secret and are sentenced to death. Will they escape? Will Elisha come to their aid? And who are the strange people at the bottom of the tree?

This story was told with flashbacks which could confuse some readers. The world built around the tree is fantastic, making me realise how different life would be if you were 1.5mm tall and how scary an ant would be!

(Environment, Tree, Scientist, Friendship, Family, Greed, Courage)


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