Too Small to Fail

ER GLE11280454

Author – Morris Gleitzman

Age – 7+

Oliver’s parents are investment bankers with their own bank downtown. Sure he had an ipod, an Xbox, a playstation, special headphones and anything else he wanted – but what he really wanted was the puppy in the local pet store. When he meets one of his parent’s old investors in the store and learns they have lost all her money, Oliver is determined to help her get it back.

What follows is a story of loyalty to his new friends, and confusion over his paren’ts actions as the world’s banks begin to fail – including their own.

Oliver is more concerned for his new friends and their thirsty camels, the puppy he has to save, and finally his family’s future. He makes some bold decisions – and hopefully they’ll all pay off.

(Money, Family, Friends, Loyalty, Courage)


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