The Storm

16176315Author – Brigid Kemmerer

Age – 13+

When Becca Chandler is leaving a self defense course and sees a boy being beaten up in a car park she decides to help. She drives her car straight at the fight making the bullies run off. They come back before she can get the boy away and they fight them off. Recognising the boy from school, she takes him home and meets his three brothers. Chris and his three brothers, Nick, Gabriel, and the oldest and their guardian aren’t what they seem. They are Elementals – drawing power from their surroundings. Chris – water. Nick – heat(sun/fire), Gabriel – air/wind, and Michael – Earth.

At first I thought this story was a little drawn out – too many little unrequired details – but as I got into it I began to enjoy the relationship between the brothers, the love triangle possibility between Becca, Hunter and Chris and the action at the end when Chris saves….. A great page turner!

(Romance, Love triangle, Relationships, Magic, Sibling Rivalry)


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