The Weight of Water

TEEN CRO11409124

Author – Sarah Crossan

Age – 10 +

Swearing – Piss off

Told in verse, this story is about Kasienka and her mother, two Polish migrants that have arrived in England searching for the father that left them. Kasienka’s mother is obsessed with the idea that she can bring her husband back home to Poland if she can only talk things through with him. Kasienka, being the one with better English language skills, is made to walk down the streets of London, knocking on doors and asking whether people have seen her father. With every failed attempt to find her father, her mother’s heart breaks a little bit more. But that is not the only problem Kasienka faces. She must deal with the other students at her school every day; students who hate her for being different, for wearing the wrong thing, for saying the wrong thing, or just because they can.
This is a story about growing up. It is simply …… Beautiful.

(Verse, Immigrant, Racism, Prejudice, Broken Families, Fitting in)


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