The Year of the Rat

TEEN FUR17696973

Author – Clare Furniss

Age – 14+

The last time Pearl sees her mum alive is when they are talking about a cake Mum is mixing. Pearl leaves the house to watch a movie with her best friend Molly. When she comes out there are many texts from Dad. But when Pearl gets to the hospital, her mum is already gone.

But the baby Mum was carrying is alive. Rose is very, very, small and looks like a baby rat, but she is alive.

While Dad spends every moment he can with Rose, Pearl hides away in her room. The more time she spends alone, the more she believes that her Mum would still be alive if it wasn’t for the rat. Or maybe it was dad’s fault. Her mum had told her he wanted a baby.

Pearl wallows on that thought. After all, he is really only her stepfather…..

I liked this story even though it was a journey of pain, guilt, confusion but finally redemption with those around her. Each chapter (varied lengths) was another month through the year after the death of her mother.

(Family, Grief, Loss, Friends, Blended Family, Truth)


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