The Rabbit Girl

Author – Mary Arrigan10097790

Age – 10+

Mallie (Mary Alice Kelly) lives with her mum in present day London. Her mum can’t seem to keep the jobs she gets – never quite settling in. Trying to cheer her mum up on her 40th birthday; Mallie buys her an old painting she finds in an antique shop.

It’s of a girl holding a rabbit. Who is she and who drew the picture? As money is tight, Mallie gets a job working in a pet store a few hours a week. Her friend suggests she try setting up her Mum with the nice guy who works there.

What results is a chain of events that solves the mystery of the picture – surprising them all.

This story was an easy, enjoyable read. Told in two viewpoints – beginning with a five year old boy in the past – and Mallie’s story, it all links together wonderfully at the end.

(Family, Historical, Friends, Growing up)


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