You against Me


Author – Jenny Downham10637825

Age – 14+

A very powerful book about a terrible teen rape. This novel is different as it focuses not on the victim, but the siblings of the victim and rapist and how it affects them.

Mikey’s sister Karyn has been to the police and they advise her a trial will take place etc. Now she won’t leave their council flat, and will hardly get out of bed. With an alcoholic mother who is in an even worse state than his sister, Mikey has been left to muddle through holding their family together. He is the only one working, and is also trying to pick up the jobs Karyn used to do, like taking and collecting their young sister Holly from school.

When Mikey tells Karyn he will get Tom for her, he goes to Tom’s house. It’s huge with a big garden, lawn and preparations being made for a party that night for Tom’s release on bail.

Mikey meets Ellie – Tom’s younger sister who thinks Mikey is one of Tom’s mates. And this is where Tom’s plan for vengeance begins to unravel.

Anger and blame are a large part of this story, but so is courage and love.

Excellent read

(Responsibility, Rape, Revenge, Family, Romance, Loyalty)


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