The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician's ElephantAuthor – Kate DiCamillo

Age – 7+

Peter Augustus Duchene lives with his guardian Vilna Lutz, who was once a soldier. When Vilna Lutz send him on an errand with one florit to buy bread, Peter spends it on a Fortune Teller instead. After all, she advertises that she can answer any question.
Peter wants to know one thing – is his sister still alive?
He is told she lives, and the elephant will help him find her. What elephant? He goes home torn between the seemingly nonsense from the fortune teller and the fact that his guardian told him that his sister had died.
Until… an elephant falls through the roof of the opera house into the lap of a noble woman.
If the part about the elephant was true, could it be that his sister does live?

This story is about believing the unbelievable, the kindness of people, and lost dreams being found again.

(Magic, Circus, Family, Trust, Belief)


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