The Magnificent 12 – The Call (1)

ER GRA7719324

Author – Michael Grant

Age – 9+

Twelve-year-old Mack MacAvoy is scared of small spaces, spiders, dentists and oceans – not to mention sharks. So when he’s told by a man from the distant past that he is one of the twelve Magnifica that has to save the world from The Pale Queen, he is gobsmacked. What follows is an adventure he’d rather not go on, but go he does – fighting off huge grasshopper like creatures, hiring private jets, falling from aeroplanes and into deep holes in the desert. Along the way he meets the Pale Queen’s gorgeous daughter Risky. At least she’s gorgeous some of the time. Her true self is something out of his nightmares…..

39 Clues fans will love this series – except this has freaky creatures and is funnier. Told in two timeframes, it explains the history of the old man and where mankind’s battle with the Pale Queen began.

(Fantasy, Bravery, Mystery)


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