The Name at the end of the ladder

24132786Author – Elena De Roo

Age – 7+

September lives in a very regimented world which is ruled by the Name Bank in Name Bank City. Names are very important in this world and September is about to undertake the four appointments she will have at the Name Bank to determine her new name.

But the meetings aren’t at all what she’d thought they’d be, and September (although a fiesty and determined just-turned-12-yr-old), is a little frightened at the strange turn of events.

She soon finds herself in a world of powerful names, number puzzles, and far off voices. With the help of a new friend called August, they decipher the puzzles and the game they are suddenly part of, to save not only their new names but the fate of August’s lost brother.

There is an element of Jumanji (but why not? It’s an excellent concept) but there is more to this story than that. I’d call it a mix between the magic of Alice in Wonderland and the strangeness of Jumanji, set in a futuristic world of control. Something amazingly different!

(Magic, Mystery, Friendship, Fantasy, Puzzles, Games)


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