The One and Only Jack Chant

20700251Author – Rosie Borella

Age – 12+

Amber passes her final assessment and job interview to be a carer in the tranquil Bank Nursing home. She needs to save money for Uni.

She gets to know the residents and their quirks (including her old maths teacher). When she sees a guy watching her in the resthome and then again camping on her farm, she demands to know who he is. He’s vague with his answers but the more she gets to know him, the more she likes. Is he a relative of one of the elderly? He is kind and patient with the residents but hard to pin down when asked about himself.

After more mystery, a tragedy and a trip to the circus for the residents, a terrible truth but final redemption is revealed. Although a little slow in places, this story is worth sticking with. Great for girls 13+

(Ghost, Mystery, Secret, Elderly, Family, Bullying, First Job, Historical)


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