The Outsiders


Author – S E HINTON32946

Age – 13+

Fourteen yr old Ponyboy is a Greaser and proud of it. He lives with his two older brothers after losing his parents a few years before the story begins. Soda is fifteen and Darry is twenty – working hard and doing his best to keep his brothers with him and out of the juvenile homes. Life is hard with little money, and none of the privileges that the Socs have. The Socs have nice clothes, fast cars and are always on the lookout for any Greasers out on the street alone.
The Outsiders tells Ponyboy’s story – his life with his brothers and his close friends (who are like brothers to him). When the Socs discover him and his friend Johnny out on their own early one morning, (after Ponyboy has had another argument with Darry), Johnny defends Ponyboy and something terrible happens. Suddenly Johnny and Ponyboy are on the run….
A fantastic read and a 1967 classic.

(Friendship, Bravery, Family, Runaways, Gangs, Rich vs poor)


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