The Paradise Trap

12039371Author – Catherine Jinks

Age – 9+

Marcus and his mum are going on holiday to the Diamond Beach Holiday Park, but soon discover it’s nothing like his Mum remembers it when she holidayed as a child.
It’s overcrowded, the water isn’t fit to swim in and the tiny caravan they’ve bought smells like smelly armpits.
When they run into his mum’s childhood friend, she introduces them to her family and their flash caravan, Marcus begins to think it might not be so bad after all – until they discover a cellar in their own little caravan. But how is that possible?
This cellar leads them to their dream holidays and as they rescue each other and try to escape – holidays of their nightmares.

A fabulous, imaginative story, that races along within the character’s imaginations and dreams – but they should have been careful what they wished for….

(Holiday, Friend, Caravan, Mystery, Magical, Creepy, Fantasy)


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