The Pigman

TEEN ZIN18085507

Author – Paul Zindel

Age – 13+

It started with a prank call. John and Lorraine were picking people at random when they were bored one day. One afternoon they decided to pretend they were a charity and were asking for money. When an old man answered the phone and said he would donate to their cause they said they would collect it.

This is where they met Mr Angelo Pignati. Mr Pignati was a lonely old man who collected china and porcelain pigs. He enjoyed their visit and they soon formed an unlikely friendship. At first John and Lorraine only went because he gave them a glass of wine and nice food, and then bought things for them as they went out and about.

But soon they began to enjoy their visits. When Mr Pignati ends up in hospital, they take that friendship and his trust a step too far. This changes their lives forever…

(Responsibility, Guilt, Betrayal, Friendship, Baboon, Consequences)


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