The Fault in our Stars

11870085Author – John Green

Age – 12+

Instead of talking about the plot of this story, I think the characters themselves are more important.

Hazel Grace – Eloquent, thoughtful and painfully aware of her cancer (tumours in lungs), and Oxygen tank she has to have 100% of the time. She says she feels like a grenade. She is going to explode and when she does she is going to hurt people around her.

Then there is Augustus, who is an ex basketball player. He has lost his lower leg to bone cancer. He is sure of himself, handsome, brown eyes and scruffy hair. He has lost a girlfriend to cancer earlier that year.

Isaac – Lost one eye to cancer, is about to lose the other one. Has a girlfriend named Monica. They are inseparable and are always saying ‘always’ to each other – until she breaks up with him. Isaac is devastated. Monica can’t handle the fact that Isaac will soon be blind.

These three characters are key to the plot, especially the growing relationship between Hazel and Augustus. Although I thought these teens were very sophisticated for their years, it was a beautifully written story. John Green is an amazing wordsmith.

This one will make you cry.

(Love, Friendship, Cancer, Sickness, Grief, Growing up)


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