The Feral Child

ER GOL 12968829

Author – Che Golden

Age – 9+

Maddy is fed up. She hates living in the tiny Irish village of Blarney with her grandparents and her annoying cousins, after losing her parents in an accident. She feels angry at everything that has happened to her and believes the only interesting thing is the castle that brings tourists to the village. Her Granda tells her stories of faeries and other creatures and the ‘rules’ she must remember if she ever meets one, but Maddy scoffs at him – until she meets Sean in the castle grounds. He looks and sounds like a normal boy but all is not what it seems. When a little boy disappears from the town, Maddy knows the strange Sean had something to do with it. In an effort to get the little boy back she is soon drawn into a land of Faeries, Unicorns, Wolves and other terrible creatures. But Granda was right with one of his rules. Never make a deal with a faerie….

A great ‘quest’ story – saving a little boy from the evil Winter Queen. The Feral Child is like a modern version of the Narnia story (saving Edmund) from the White Witch. Maddy is very angry for a ten year old, but this is what drew the Winter Queen to her in the first place. This book can be read on its own but is followed by its sequel – The Unicorn Hunter.

(Fairies, Good versus Evil, Good vs Evil, Action, Adventure, Belief, Legend, Ireland)


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