The Floods

11103089Author – Colin Thompson

Age – 8+

The Floods are a strange family who live in a normal neighbourhood. Nerlin and Mordonna are the Mum and Dad with six children who have arrived in different ways – by spells etc.
Valla – 22 – who works in a blood bank. Satanella – 16 – Was once a pretty girl but now resembles a scruffy dog. Merlinmary – 15 – Nobody is sure whether Merlinmary is a boy or girl as she/he is so hairy and no one can get close enough to find out.
Winchflat – 14 – A nerdy genius who happens to look dead. The twins – Morbid & Silent (love the names) 11 and Betty who is ten and looks perfectly normal.
They are a family of wizards and witches, all with their own talents. They have their relatives buried in the back yard, who aren’t really dead at all and the children go to a special wizarding school – nothing like the namby pamby HP version of school.
The Floods are part of a series and the 1st called – Neighbours, is all about getting rid of their noisy, rude, lazy neighbours.

These stories are illustrated with foot notes on most pages explaining many parts of the text. It’s funny, creepy and different – great for reluctant boys or girl readers.

(Adams Family, Witch, Weird, Magic, Neighbours, Wizard, Family)


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