The Fly trap Snaps


Author – Johanna Knox

Age – 7+

Twelve year old Spencer Fogle isn’t one to make rash decisions. But when he hears someone screaming – he climbs a tree to check it out. Living in the famous movie making town of Filmington, he’s not sure what to expect to see through the porthole of a laboratory.

At the sight of a scientist being bound and gagged and her lab being trashed – Spencer doesn’t know what to do. The scientist sees him peering in at her and gets his attention as she kicks a file into a grate, hiding it from her attackers.

When he retrieves it, he is suddenly in danger himself.

This begins Spencer’s life changing story of mutant carnivorous plants, movie stars, snap decisions and plans to defeat the richest man in Filmington – Jimmy Jangles.

The first in a series by Kiwi Author Johanna Knox. Humour, a bit of sci fi, school stuff and tons of action all mixed in together. Great read.

(NZ Fiction, Venus Flytraps, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Humour, Action, School)


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