The Ghosts of Iron Bottom Sound


Author – Sandy Nelson

Age – 10+

11 yr old Paddy is hearing voices in his head – but only since he first took out a particular book from the library. A book about the Battle of Savo Island and Iron Bottom Sound. Walking home from the library, totally immersed in the book as he walked, he is nearly struck by a car.

His parents are upset, banning him from taking the book out again. But the ghosts are urging Paddy on. What do they want?

Paddy learns his granddad had served on the HMAS Canberra which features in the book, and the ghosts want Paddy to talk to him about it. His Mum warns that Grandad has never spoken of it and not to expect too much, but he finally opens up to Paddy. Paddy finally knows what the ghosts want…

Perfect for students interested in battleships or sea battles – but also for readers who enjoy stories about family. Ideal for ANZAC Day studies. This was a wonderfully moving story about a not well known battle.

(NZ Fiction, Sea Battle, War, Secret, Ghost, Family, WWII, Grandparent, HMAS Canberra, Battleship)


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