The Giver

TEEN LOW18812106

Author – Louis Lowry

Age – 12+

Set in a future society where poverty, violence, unemployment, and injustice are no longer. Jonas lives with his family and is waiting for his ceremony to become ‘a twelve’. At each age there is a ceremony for the children.

When you become a three you get clothing with buttons at the front. When you become a nine you get a bicycle, when you become a twelve you are given your job in the community. When Jonas is chosen to be the community Receiver, he is shocked and unsure what lays ahead.

He then spends all his time with ‘The Giver’ – the past receiver who then gives all the memories of the community from the past. Jonas learns of pain and joy and wars and colour – all things the community no longer has. But the Giver has other plans for Jonas. It will affect everything and everyone he knows. Can he step up to the challenge?

The Giver was one of the first dystopian novels and very controversial when published. The 2014 movie starring Jeff Bridges is different but a good portrayal.

(Future, Dystopian, Memory, Family, Fear, Discovery, Truth)


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