The Golden Day

TEEN DUB10824917

Author – Ursula Dubosarsky

Age – 12+

There are only eleven girls in Miss Renshaw’s class. And they love going out on excursions to the park to write poetry. But the real reason is so Miss Renshaw can see Morgan, the gardener and self confessed poet.

All the girls like Morgan too and none speak of their visits to other teachers or their parents.

One afternoon, Morgan tells them he wants to show them some aboriginal paintings in a cave he knows. The cave is down along the beach not far from the park, and so they follow on dutifully.

Inside the cave they don’t see anything clearly and when one girl’s asthma kicks in, in the confined space, they all scuttle back out onto the beach. But where are Miss Renshaw and Morgan?

This story is woven with poetry, the writing itself beautiful. It’s told from the point of view of the students – frightened, and confused as to where their teacher has gone. It’s intriguing, innocent and a little spooky too.

(Australia, Mystery, Secret, School, Ghost)


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