The Great Ice Cream Heist


Author – Elen Caldecott

Age – 8+

Eva lives with her overprotective Dad with her Gran to help out when he is at work. Her Mum died in a ski accident a couple of years before and her Dad has strict rules what she can do and can’t do. She has always accepted this until the McIntyres move in next door. They have constant parties, loud music, plenty of beer and barking dogs, and Eva sees a boy her age escaping his family chaos by lying alone on the shed roof.

She meets him at a holiday programme – to renovate an old building to a local children’s community centre. Jamie doesn’t want to pick up rubbish. He’d rather climb trees and pretend he’s in a rocket ship. Eva follows his lead but feels guilty in the process. But Jamie makes her see the world in a different way and unfortunately it leads her into trouble….

(Sticking up for your friends, Family, Holidays, Foster Care, Action)


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