The Hunting Ground

TEEN MCN11415846

Author – Cliff McNeish

Age – 12+

Elliot, his little brother Ben and their dad have moved into Glebe House – a sprawling abandoned mansion. Dad is going to get it back into a saleable condition for the owners who are keen to get rid of it. They haven’t been there long when Elliot wakes to a strange noise. He alerts Dad and Ben and they search the house but find nothing.
Ben has begun to act strangely after being in the boarded up East Wing part of the house. When Elliot asks him what’s up, Ben won’t talk about it. Dad shows them the first few loose pages of a diary he has found in the library. They seem to have appeared out of nowhere. These are the first pages of diary entries they find throughout the novel, explaining what happened in the past, written by a boy called Theo Stark. His sister Eve was acting the same way Ben was and Elliot worried about his brother.
Spread throughout the house are self-portraits of the past owner – a man who liked to hunt – and not just animals.

This is a good ghost story with a bit of a difference. The ghosts of children are still hanging around wanting vengeance on the man who killed them. He’s an evil dude, with a twisted bent for hunting. But who will be the hunted and who will do the hunting?

(Hunting, Mystery, Violence, Ghost, Creepy, Murder, Crime, Secret,Courage, Brothers)


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