The Imaginary


Author – A F Harrold/Illustrated by Emily Gravett

Age – 9+

Amanda has an imaginary friend called Rudger. They do everything together and Amanda’s mum sets the table for him, clips up his seatbelt and accepts him as real. After all, she had an imaginary friend herself when she was young.

But Rudger is in danger. A strange man called Mr Bunting arrives on their doorstep. He seems very polite when he is talking with Amanda’s mum, but she knows there’s something not quite right about him.

This story may be a little scary for some young readers. It is beautifully illustrated and has a magical element about where imaginary friends come from. Emily Gravett’s illustrations are fantastic!

(Imagination, Eerie, Creepy, Imagination, Imaginary Friends, Courage)


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