The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf


Author – Ambelin Kwaymullina

Age – 12+

Ashala cannot escape this time. The government have captured her and she’s dreading ‘The Machine’. Ashala is the leader of free Illegals – Runaway children who refuse to live in the detention centres for the good of ‘The Balance’.

Set in the distant future, the Illegals are Rumblers (can shake the ground), Sleepwalkers (can control their surroundings through their dreams), and then there are the Firestarters. The government want complete control over Ashala using a memory reading machine to probe her thoughts and past. They don’t know that one of Ashala’s group has replaced her memories with false ones and she was caught on purpose and she is ready to attack.

A fascinating read with the main character’s memories switched for her safety and the government’s peril. Cleverly written and the 1st in a series by this Aboriginal author.

(Aborigine, Runaways, Future, Dystopian, Powers)


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