Catch the Zolt – The Debt (1)


Author – Philip Gwynne

Age – 10+

Dom Silvagni’s family has a secret. A very, very, old secret. On Dom’s 15th birthday, his father and grandfather tell him of The Debt. The family wealth won’t help. The debt isn’t about money, but is something to be paid by every male Silvagni when they turn 15. And if it isn’t paid? The Debt will claim their pound of flesh. With his grandfather’s missing leg to remind Dom of past failures, Dom’s first task is To catch the Zolt – an infamous criminal who constantly evades the police. But if the police can’t catch him, how is Dom going to do it?

The first in a 6 part series, with episodes released Jan, Feb, Mar, Jun, Sept and Dec, this is a non-stop, action-packed ride. Full of fast cars, speed boats and technology this is a must read series for boys 10+


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