Stay Well Soon

Stay Well Soon

Author – Penny Tangey

Age – 8+

Stevie has a lot of dreams…more friends at school, better drawing pencils and a pony. If only she had her dream horse, her life would be better and the other horse-mad girls would talk to her. But Stevie doesn’t find friendships easy, especially since April came and began hanging around her friend Charlotte.

Charlotte and April have wealthier families and Stevie ends up being excluded from things until she is on her own. She reads horse books to kill time during lunch at school. When a new girl arrives at school (Morgan), Stevie shuns her to begin with – keen to still be in her old group, but maybe they could be friends after all?

A great story about losing friends, finding friends and learning what a true friend is. Almost every girl (young and old) can relate to this triangular friendship dynamic from their school days. It is painful, confusing and eventually just part of growing up.

(Fitting in, Illness, Family, School, Friendship, Horse, Death)


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