Stig of the Dump


Author – Clive King

Age – 7+

8 year old Barney frequently stays at his grandma’s house in the country, with his older sister Lou. One day while exploring, Barney ventures too close to a nearby chalk pit and tumbles in. He wakes to meet a boy with scraggly hair and rabbit pelts around his waist for clothing.

Despite the boy speaking in only grunts, Barney learns his name is Stig. He lives in the dump in the chalk pit – sifting through the rubbish that the locals toss in. Barney and Stig build a friendship and have many adventures together every time Barney and Lou stay with their Gran. Barney’s family believe Stig is his imaginary friend, but one moonlit night, after an amazing adventure, Lou learns the truth.

Good old fashioned boy’s adventure story with an unexpected twist.

(Classic, Imaginary Friend, Adventure, Wild Boy, Time travel)


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