Stowaway – Space Pirates (1)

IR LAD20811838

Author – Jim Ladd

Age – 6+

Sam lives on Planet P-Sezov 8 which is a lump of rock with only his parent’s scientific laboratory and a pirate space port (on the other side of the planet). One day while doing his homework (with a holographic Professor), something crash lands by the lab, taking out all communications – including the Professor. Sam discovers the homing beacon from his parent’s ship with a message and a map written on a piece of space suit. They have landed on Planet X.

This is a planet made of gold (supposedly mythical), but his parent’s have found it. With communications out, Sam knows the only way to find his parents, is with the help of the pirates on the other side of the island. And this is where his real adventure begins…

(Action, Adventure, Space, Pirates, Read aloud)


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