Stuff Happens – Jack

ER WIL21474475

Author – Tony Wilson

Age – 7+

Sometimes stuff just happens…

Jack and some of his classmates are left to play on the EBO (E B Watson Oval) across from their school at morning tea time. Their teacher has taken the rest of the class back across to school, saying he’ll be back in ten minutes. Ten minutes is a long time when you decide to play a forbidden game including tackling, and Jack suddenly ends up injured.
But the wrong person is blamed for Jack’s injury and left to face the consequences. Will Jack tell the truth? He knows if he dobs in that person, they will they miss out on the famous football team coming to school on Friday.

This was one of four stories in a series about when ‘stuff happens’.
Jack – is a great story about consequences, guilt, honesty and mates, and a little football for good measure.

(Mates, School, Consequences, Guilt, Accident, Fairness, Honesty)


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