Tarzan – The Savage Lands


Author – Andy Briggs

Age – 9+

The third in The New Adventures of Tarzan series, the story of Tarzan continues. William Greystoke has travelled to their (illegal) logging camp promising untold riches if they can help him find the plane his uncle and aunt (Tarzan’s parents) crashed in. What he’s really after, is the lost city of Opar and all the riches it holds. Clark and Archie see a way out of their hard life in the jungle and are pleased to help. But Robbie and Jane want to warn Tarzan. Meanwhile Tarzan is fighting off the Targani (intelligent albino chimps) who are hassling his family. An action packed read results when the two groups collide.

Excellent read for lovers of jungle action!

(Series, Action, Relationship, Jungle, Battle, Family, Series, Guilt, Greed, Logging, Guilt)


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