The 26th Storey Treehouse

ER GRI15845828

Author – Andy Griffiths / Illustrated by Terry Denton

Age – 7+

Andy and Terry have added 13 more storeys to their treehouse including an anti-gravity chamber, an ATM Automatic tattoo machine, an ice cream parlour with Edward Scooperhands and a maze of doom no-one has ever returned from.
The story begins with sick sharks because Terry tried to wash his underpants in the tanks and the sharks ended up eating them. While Jill tries to fix them, Andy and Terry begin telling the story how they met – which involves an iceberg, pirates and a cannon!

This book is jam packed with more hilarious illustrations, plenty of stuff happening and the back story of how the characters met …sort of.

(Humour, Silly, Pirates, Friendship, Series, Cartoons)


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