The Alchemyst

TEEN SCO17402605

Author – Michael Scott

Age – 10+

Sophie and Josh are twins. They work right across the road from one another – Sophie in a coffee shop – Josh in a bookshop. But little do they know that Josh’s boss Nick Fleming is actually 600 year old famous alchemist Nicholas Flamel – who can make diamonds from coal and has the secret to eternal life.

Chaos explodes when Nicholas’ nemesis John Dee arrives to claim the ancient book that gave him these skills. In the fight to survive, they see things they never dreamed of and also creatures of their worst nightmares.

Josh and Sophie’s lives are to change forever. Are they the saviours of all humani? (humankind). Suddenly all that they knew to be myth is the truth, and the lives that they knew before are gone.

A great story! I was hooked from the first few pages and gobbled up the rest. This is the 1st in The Secret of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series

(Magical creatures, Friendship, Scary, Action, Thriller)


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