The Boy in the Olive Grove


Author – Fleur Beale

Age – 14+

When Bess Gray sees terrible images of a witch being burnt at the stake she is horrified. What’s even worse is the key instigator is herself – as a man. She tries to block it out with alcohol, which even though she has been an exemplary student, leads to her expulsion from boarding school.

She heads home to a mother that is uncommunicative, cold and controlling. Her older brother who has always been the buffer between his sister and mother picks her up from the airport only to announce he is leaving the country to avoid being roped into the family furniture business.

Bess is left dealing with her mother, her unwell father and a stepmother she has never connected with. She feels totally lost. But the witch burning isn’t the only vision she has been having. She also sees a handsome boy in an olive grove.

This is a story of past and present lives and how they can interconnect. Fleur Beale’s characters are real, the emotions raw and the conclusion reactive.

(Responsibility, Family, Control, Witch, Visions)


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